Executive Minds

Developing Impactful Professionals


Programs to help corporate professionals become collaborative, communicative and confident leaders.


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Executive Minds

Developing Productive Professionals
Programs to help corporate professionals become collaborative, communicative and confident leaders.


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Communication. Collaboration. Confidence.

Crafting a strategy, building a sales pitch, delegating a team or delivering a presentation means nothing if you cannot effectively articulate it.
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"Valuable Strategies"

Vadim Supitskiy

Chief Digital & Information Officer

"We appreciated the workshops Rushab hosted for us. From his session with the Forbes senior leadership team on business acumen to the follow-up discussion with our product managers on positioning, viability, and stakeholder communication, the insights shared were well received. We thank Rushab for providing valuable strategies and perspectives."

Corporate Workshop Details

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Choose Desired Workshop

  • Core Workshops
  • Custom-Tailored Workshop
  • Onsite & Virtual Options
  • Onsite Starts at $3,500

Step 2

Choose Length & Topics

  • 2 Topics: 90 to 120 Min
  • 4 Topics: Half-Day
  • 6 Topics: Full-Day
  • Multi-Day Options Available

Additional Info

Sessions Include

  • Pre-Engagement Calls
  • Breakout Exercises + Q&A
  • Worksheets & Frameworks
  • Recordings (If Applicable)
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Corporate Workshops

Learn about popular workshops that have been brought to companies such as Google, Forbes, Unilever and more.


Speak With Impact

Communicate & Collaborate

Ignite collaboration through your communication style. Inspire action with your presentations and meetings. Discover the confidence to effectively articulate your message.

Public Speaking

Effective Delegation

Stakeholder Buy-In

Impactful Presentations

Organizational Communication

Cross-Functional & Team Collaboration

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Business Acumen

Develop & Articulate Winning Strategies

See the big picture, communicate effectively, and create winning strategies that solve real-world business challenges. Learn to build watertight business cases, articulate your vision persuasively, and drive success both within your team and across the organization.


Think Like a CEO

Product Viability

Strategy Development

Crafting Business Use-Cases

Managing Business Scenarios

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Executive Presence

Developing Impactful Leaders

Confidence is contagious. Cultivate the leadership presence that empowers others, strengthens your team, and fuels a culture of success. Transform how you show up, become a leader who captivates attention, drives action, fosters connection and builds trust.

Crisis Management

Team Empowerment

Commanding a Room

Emotional Intelligence

Building Personal Brand

Fostering Corporate Culture

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Bespoke Workshop Topics

Helping you plan a custom-tailored workshop.


Choose topics that fit your needs

* Asterisk denotes topics that are also available in the core workshops listed above.


  • Sales & Pitches
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Public Speaking*
  • Impactful Presentations*
  • Organizational¬†Communication*


  • Partnerships
  • Fostering Relationships
  • Stakeholder Buy-In*
  • Effective Delegation*
  • Team Empowerment*
  • Cross-Functional Operations*


  • Executive Presence
  • Change Management
  • Crisis Management*
  • Confidence Building*
  • Emotional Intelligence*
  • Building Personal Brand*
  • Fostering Corporate Culture*


  • Positioning
  • Negotiations
  • Pivoting*
  • Think Like a CEO*
  • Product Viability*
  • Strategy Development*
  • Crafting Business Use Cases*
  • Managing Business Scenarios*

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Keynote Speaking

Keynotes speeches captivate audiences, ignites their imaginations, and propels them towards action. It's not just about delivering information; it's about forging emotional connections, shifting perspective, inspiring change, and leaving a lasting impact. If your organization is ready to implement a transformative keynote, please click below to learn more.

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