Speak With Impact

1:1 Coaching Program


Use your words to build confidence, impress others and advance your career.


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Speak With Impact

1:1 Coaching Program
Use your words to build confidence, impress others and advance your career.
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I Help You Superpower Your Communication Skills


No matter where you are in your professionally journey, being able to speak impactfully can make all the difference.


Professionals can standout during meetings and presentations.

Entrepreneurs can craft persuasive pitches and market their products well.

Job Seekers can impress during networking & interviewing.

Everyone can find success by becoming impactful speakers.

These coaching sessions are custom tailored to meet your needs.

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Master Networking & Interviewing

Personal Branding

Learn and implement the art of self-promotion.

Articulate Strengths

Showcase what you bring to the table to standout.

Impress Employers

Leave decision makers in awe after a conversation.

Answer Confidently

Overcome nervousness when answering questions.

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Adriana Tica


Ideas To Power Your Future

"Rushab, you need to start coaching people on how to speak. I learned more during our conversation than from dozens of YouTube videos."

Deliver Presentations Confidently

Vocal Variety

Leverage your voice and tone to standout.

Body Language

Learn the subtle art of non-verbal communication.


Structure your content with an impactful outline.

Public Speaking

Command the stage with poise and confidence.

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Bharat Ramesh

Engineering Manager


"Rushab Kamdar's ability to articulate thoughts not only through words but also through the nuances of non-verbal communication is inspiring."

Pitch Like a Pro

Story Telling

Master tips on taking the audience on a journey.


Learn how to have a conversation to make a sale.


Deliver your thoughts clearly and concisely.


Craft a narrative to the audience.

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Edward Gudewill

Vice President


"Rushab's content is a confidence booster - inspiring me to improve my speaking and communication skills. Thank you!"

Build Executive Presence


Overcome your communication anxieties.


Build trust with your audience.


Eloquently deliver your thoughts and comments.


Speak in a way that commands the room.

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Why Work With Rushab?

As an 8x entrepreneur of two decades, I have worked with thousands of professionals, executives and entrepreneurs helping them with confidence, communication, business acumen and leadership. For the past 11 years, I have been hosting workshops at top companies and graduate schools providing them the very same strategies that I incorporate in my coaching program. In other words, there is ample proof of concept in what I offer. If you are still on the fence, book a call with me.

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