Hi, I'm Rushab!

I've been starting and running businesses for the past 20 years - 8 of them, to be exact - spanning across 10 different industries. In my experience, I've learned that your ability to communicate can take you far in your professional journey. For the past decade I've been helping professionals like you become confident leaders and effective communicators. 

"I've rebuilt my confidence by finding my voice and speaking it loudly"


As a serial entrepreneur of two decades, I've worn many hats, and have held many titles. But the one that I'm most proud of is "educator." However, that realization didn't come easy.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey I've seen glory and I've seen struggles. I've had offices in different countries, managed large teams, successfully exited companies, had epic failures, raised capital, lost money, been a millionaire and struggled to make ends meet.

In 2018, I escaped a bad business endeavor where I almost lost everything and had to climb out of the rubble. It was during this time that I lost my confidence and was searching for my purpose.

The reality is that we all go through challenges in life and have to find a way out. And when we are at our lowest it's easy to lose our voice. I turned to helping others.

I went all-in on my professional development business that I started in 2013. I was helping others through coaching, consulting, speaking and workshops. I rebuilt my confidence by finding my voice and speaking it loudly.

Creating The Confidence Company was a journey in the making of the past 20 years. Here, you will find your voice and confidence. We will become better versions of ourselves together.

And if you are interested in learning more about my past companies, feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile.